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Gasoline Advertising Products


about_us01.jpgabout_us02.jpgGasoline Advertising Products is a leading manufacturer of the fuel dispenser price signs; pump graphics and accessories, decals and various types of advertising, safety and compliance signage for fueling stations and convenience store industry. GAP is also a leading provider of advertising and image upgrade products as well as compliance signage in petroleum market. We also provide products and services to Trucking and fuel carrier companies as well as AST and UST Tank and environmental company.

Our commitment is to produce quality merchandise at a reliable price. Our objective is to provide compliance and image upgrade products to petroleum and convenience store industry quickly and efficiently at low cost. Our goal is to be #1 provider of products and services in petroleum and convenience store industry. Our innovative products and services are the foundation of our success. Our efforts and pace of keeping up with this ever-changing market have credited in several compliments from our clients in outstanding service, product quality, varieties of products and innovative annual programs. Our customer comments will show that our products and services sell themselves.

Our quest for success began back in year 2000 with 5 years of experience on hand and purchased few types of equipment to begin journey in the new millennium. The owner and founder Mr. Sanjay J Thakker was fueled with determination to achieve quality in the products, emerged with the innovative ideas for the new millennium and set ethical standards in marketing the products and services. Today we operate from a 10000sq. ft facility featuring state of the art equipments and various capabilities. We invite you to visit our competencies page describing our various capabilities. Competencies is located on home page of our website next to product tab.